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All for one and rum for all. Admiral’s Old J Spiced Rum.

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Cherry Spiced: Old J Cherry Spiced Rum has all the flavour Old J lovers have come to expect from their favourite spiced rum, but with the extra flavour of marasca cherries. The addition of these cherries just enhances the vanilla and spice flavours, and gives Old J Cherry a beautifully rounded fruitness.

Gold Spiced Rum: Old J Gold Rum is crafted in small batches from our pot still in the British Virgin Islands. Old J Gold is infused with our special blend of flavours to create the ultimate premium spiced rum.

Spiced: Old J Spiced Rum is a delicately smooth Caribbean Rum that is combined with a range of secret spices, sugars, vanilla and Persian lime.

Tiki Fire: Old J Tiki Fire redresses the strength reduction by increasing the strength to 151 proof but keeps the same great tasting spices, lime and sugar to create a truly special rum.

Silver: Old J Silver Spiced Rum retains some of the main flavour notes of Old J Original, keeping the smooth toffee, sweet lime and rounded vanilla hit. However for Old J Silver, the heavy spicing of the other Old J styles have been toned right down to allow the more subtle un-aged white Rum to shine.


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