• Silent Pool Gin Copa Glass
  • Silent Pool Gin Copa Glass
  • Silent Pool Gin Copa Glass

Silent Pool Copa Glass Gift


The perfect addition to your gin cupboard, these beautiful wide-brimmed glasses are sure to be topped up over and over again! Designed in such a way that the volatile oils from the orange peel garnish will hit the nose first, our Copa glasses are a great finishing touch. Presented in beautiful individual gift boxes.

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This Copa glass is the perfect way to deliver the best drinking experience of Silent Pool Gin, it will enable you to really enjoy the complex set of aromas as they rise up from a glistening bowl of gin, ice and tonic.

To add a heightened level of complexity try out Silent Pool Mist Liquid Garnish, available from the distillery and online.

Silent Pool Gin is a classic Gin at heart, full bodied and fresh with depth, clarity and great flavour.


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