Silent Pool Gin & 2 Copa Gift Set


Award winning 70cl Silent Pool Gin packaged with a pair of beautiful Copa style glasses. The perfect gift for both friends and family.

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In the heart of the Surrey Hills, sheltered by towering trees, lies a deep opalescent pool that was formed thousands of years ago from pure, cold spring water filtered through wooded chalk downs.

Steeped in ancient history, the Silent Pool is revered as a sacred place of spirit and mystery. Our distillery overlooks the pool which is the source and inspiration for Silent Pool Gin.

In the early morning, while mist still clings to the surface of the pool, we collect the water for distillation. The distillers gather local wood to heat the still and forage in the hills and hedgerows for many of the unique botanicals that are used to create the distinctive flavour of the gin.

24 unique botanicals decorate the glass and bottle, and the teal blue is a reflection of the water from which it is made. This Gin is as full-bodied and flavourful gin with as much depth and clarity as the Silent Pool itself.



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