Old J Cherry Spiced Rum


In 1740 Admiral Edward Vernon Enforced a reduction in the strength of the British Navy’s Rum ration. When his men complained, Vernon suggested they addition of limes and sugar to make the Rum more enjoyable. Old J has been created in honour of this unlikely Mixologist.

Still containing all the 11 flavours that go into our original Old J Spiced Rum but with an added infusion of marasca cherry that goes into the 35% blend of premium rum from the Caribbean islands with spices. This is definitely not a cherry liqueur and still very much a spiced rum.

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Infused with marasca cherries for extra fruitiness. Serve over ice mixed with Coke/Pepsi and a cherry for the ultimate Cherry Cola. Perfect served over ice with coke or ginger beer and a couple of fresh lime wedges.

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