Outer Space Vodka


Outer Space Vodka is a five-times distilled Vodka with an ultra smooth and clean taste. Made from premium American corn, the liquid’s final filtration is through a 4 billion year old meteorite. The result? A taste that is, quite literally, out of this world. Presented in a unique, green alien head glass bottle, Outerspace Vodka has attracted something of a cult following among consumers and on social media for its edgy design, and great taste.

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Outerspace Vodka has an award-winning blend of spicy and zesty tones to give a crisp mouth-watering taste for vodka enthusiasts. Distilled five times through a meteorite four billion years old for extra purity, gives Outerspace Vodka that clean finish.

Outerspace Vodka can be used in your favourite cocktails, it’s also equally at home sipped straight from the freezer ice cold for that refreshing taste.

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