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Peacock Fantail Cocktail Sticks


It’s time to really get the party started with the Peacock Cocktail Sticks! If you’re hosting a little shindig, then chances are you’ll put your drink mixing skills to the test to wow your guests. To help aid the overall effect it’s a good idea to adorn your cocktail glass with some garnishes and some decorations: the bigger and more outlandish, the better!

If you’ve added a healthy amount of foliage to your cocktail, then the obvious next addition is a Peacock Fantail Cocktail Stick! These cute little cocktail buddies feature a clever multicoloured tail that fans out into an impressive display, so even if your cocktail doesn’t excite people taste-wise, at least they will love the striking sight of the peacock’s plumage!

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SKU : DST004


  • Novelty cocktail sticks
  • Coloured fantail effect
  • Ideal for decorating your cocktails, or soft drinks
  • Fold-out paper plumage
  • Fans come in a range of different colours


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